Mahmood Ghassemi , Chief Executive Officer

Mahmood Ghassemi

Chief Executive Officer

Mahmood started as an electrical engineer working on design-build projects. After receiving his Professional Electrical Engineering License, he shifted his focus to preconstruction services to better meet and exceed the needs of his customers on complex projects. He has been involved in many major design-build projects ranging from commercial high-rise buildings to data centers, healthcare, bio-tech and higher education. He has thrived in various management positions over the years, building up to his current role as President.

As President his focus is on client relationships, training and process improvements, and operations of the company. Mahmood fosters a culture of teamwork and collaboration. He stresses the importance of listening to the client’s needs, and of continuous training and process improvements to consistently provide the best service to our valued customers. In addition to his presidency at Sequoyah, Mahmood also serves an Advisory Board Member for the Construction Management Department at WSU as well as a Board Member of the Puget Sound Chapter of NECA.